Rainbows after the raindrops this week

You know sometimes it really takes a rain for one to find a rainbow. All science aside.

This week was a roller coaster. not as bad as some I suppose. that week with three church members passing in 7 days was rough. Yeah I have been away for far too long. Friends getting sick are not fun either. Learning that I really do take things to heart…alot has been an eye opener these past few months. I am really going to learn to take myself out of my job more with this job. THough I love it and I love that we are doing the Lord’s work. Though me and my “live it don’t spill it” mentality to my faith are being tested a bit. especially when asked to pray with a random stranger over the phone for their stray dog to eat. Yes, that did happen. I am not a very open prayer person anyway – I love singing grace with scouts, not saying grace. Anyway about this week and my rainbows….

So…It all centers on Valentines day and in the bigger picture unrealistic expectations. So the big day comes. I actually had already given Darin a small valentine. I felt prepared. Melody’s were done for school Meredith had done hers and remembered all but one classmate – there is always one right? I got Meredith to school and then headed for Walmart as I realized that I had not included anything for Melody’s teachers. or the folks in the office. I had a nice though brief trip through picking out my favorite bags of truffles and a basket thing to display in. I wrote them a really sweet message about taking a second and savoring the sweetness and knowing that they are loved and appreciated. Took that to Daycare and headed to work. Everyone is diabetic at my office I think. No one took a truffle until that afternoon which meant I ate several in the meantime. Oh well. I got Meredith from school and we had to rush by the house to grab her books for piano. she couldn’t remember where they were and i didn’t find them. Oh well. Spoke to Darin about cooking this big Lasagna that I had frozen. it would take nearly 2 hours so he could get it started while we were pianoing I’ll grab the baby and be home. After some explaining I think he understood. ANd off we went, without our books for piano.

I left mere inpiano while I ran over to the office to print out the prayer list for intercessory that night.(which reminds me I need to do that for this week). When I walked back over I was met at the door by the piano teacher. dum da dum! She had played one thing then said her hands were tired, then began to itch everywhere. yeah what a wash. this from the child who wakes up with ” it’s Piano lessons today!” coming out of her lips. ugh. So I do the parent thing – we find another piano at church to go and have our own little lesson at. fail. I have a very strongwilled child and I was running out of time (and was hungry too) I began to get excited about this Lasagna waiting for me. Thinking bout the salad stuff that had come with it and the rolls or garlic texas toast we could have with it and wondering if we had a bottle of something special stashed somewhere since hey it was valentines after all. So off we went to get Melody. With Meredith informing me how much she did not want to eat lasagna.(what is wrong with this child??) We get home to find that there is still an hour left of cooking time…at least… So I tell my tummy to slow down and chill out and try hard not to snack through out the time and keep mere from snacking too.

Ahh atlast it is getting close. Darin had a plan in mind to get it and the rolls done close to together so I follwed his instructions. Except when I went to remove the precious lasagna there was no clear horizontal surface upon which to put it. So I had to place it on top of its box on top of another pan just incase it was hot enough to melt. Little Miss Attitude walked and proceded to say something that I walked across the room to correct her about then…


Yep, my precious lasagna destined for my Very hungry tummy had landed on the floor.

Yep folks it was on then. I let it out. there were boxes flying, feet stomping, yelling and crying. It was just too much. I think I really just got so down about the piano and tried so hard to be up with the food – and I was very hungry (neglected to tell you that I had eaten about 6 truffles 6 cookies (small chips ahoy size) and one and a half chicken strips that day) I thought about eating the food right from the floor, but I was still too mad. I eventually did as Darin always suggests – I went for a drive. I ended up at Sonic where I ordered my dinner – no one elses. I sat there at sonic for nearly an hour eating and playing my Ipod. I then went and got Darin some dinner and brought it home to him. some valentines right?

So where is the rainbow? Well In case you missed it I had not yet received my present from Darin. He told me what I got on Friday. or was it Thursday? anyway…

Meredith is out of school for Monday and Tuesday so both of the girls have been graciously taken by my mother to go hang out with her. I Love You Mom!

Tommorrow morning at 10 am I will present myself at the local medical spa for a mani, a pedi, a facial, and A HAIRCUT! I cannot wait. I have no idea what I want to do to my hair except we are cutting and donating. I think I am at my longest ever judging by how much I can grab with my hands. My hair has not been cut I think in a year at least possibly two.

Ahhh the beautiful thoughtful rainbows provided by those you love.

Thank you Darin Ellett, I love you!


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