Where your Treasure is…

Ok, so I have spent much of my life working with children – mostly girls –  in the out-of-doors.  I have come to learn that the most important thing we can be sure to provide for others along our road in life is life experiences. Not just normal ones, special, different, unique ones. You know those true treasures and memories that stay in you heart. Those that moths and rust cannot destroy and thieves cannot break in and steal. I had some great ones some at camp ( bird built a nest in my bag over the weekend, rain during camp outs, long hikes, “don’t pick that flower it might be the only one alive!” Looking at thunderstorms approaching from a mesa in Wyoming) and some were not from camp (exercises in Pecanland mall at 2 am in front of Dillards, Sleeping churches on our way to Savannah and to Wyoming, Father daughter Dinner, concerts and other performances, band trips). Sorry I had to work to think of non camp ones. I didn’t even include my memories from Church camp and 4-H camp!

So here is what I am driving to: Currently most all of my most beloved campgrounds are in danger of closing. I am trying very hard to be fair about it and recognizing the deficiencies each site has and the monetary issues with keeping all of them, and the lack of people of today getting out and camping with their kids, and a hundred other variables. I recognize that the powers that be have a very difficult job ahead of them. My personal choice would be for them to get to work raising the funds to support and the interest for people to go and use our campgrounds. Then you do not have to make that choice. You choose to provide more opportunities to you constituants and not just opportunities with more people. Often the beauty of the out of doors is best found in a small group.

Anyway I found this blog and organization that looks pretty interesting. I admit I haven’t read through it a ton, but their whole premise is how camp is good for kids – regardless of what type of camp it is. And they work and raise money to save camps for kids. Check it out, like it if that is your thing, support it if that is you thing, but most of all be informed about how we are changing our future childhoods all in the name of money mostly.



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