Trying things out

Well as I work to pull myself out of being unemployed I have found I should really increase my technology use. So I randomly got invited here and had to sign up for an account to view the one I wanted so whatever it is just another password right?
Do you ever feel you have just too many different things you have signed up for? My email box is full of daily emails from places. I can’t bear to delete them all. Some are easy – Tech Republic can have some interesting articles on cutting edge stuff, but I promise if the subject doesn’t sound like something I need to know – it goes to the trash. I also have a post from Louisiana Recovery which is supposed to give me a listing of jobs available in the recovery school district. yep i have been getting it for well over a year and have NEVER, I mean NEVER seen any jobs listed on that mailout. Though I have seen Recovery School District list jobs in other locations. Then there is Coldwater Creek (but I love their clothes – I can’t afford them – they might have a great sale) World Market (Cool stuff – an hour and a half away- can shop online – no money, silly!), Foundry, One KingsLane, Zulilly, those are easy to delete. Just say you do not have money or time to see what is on there and click delete.
They hard ones to delete I think are rooted in the fact that they originally came from/ could be stored in books. I am speaking of the daily recipe emails, folks. Few of those do I feel that I just delete forever. Though I am happy in just moving them all to a folder for later. As much as I see things I like and want to cook, often if I am looking for a recipe I don’t go search my email I just google it! Which reminds me of that belief that the internet is dumbing us because we do not memorize/remember anything, we just go look it up again.
Well there are my random bloggings for today. Maybe I will ponder on something better the next time rather than my full inbox!


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