Just like my teenage diary…

It is a good thing that no one really follows my blog or comes by to check it… like ever. I think I wanted it that way. A digital diary. That no one knew about. If I had to just get some crap out about someone I wouldn’t have to worry about it popping up on a google search for their name. I guess that could still happen. But hopefully it would be on page 1367 of their search. The thing that took a full .7 seconds to find.

Anywho, also just like my teenage diary, I never seem to write in it. Once a year seems good enough to catch up on stuff. 

I think the best I ever did with keeping up with the daily whozits and whatzits back then was when I decided high school could be a soap opera. And preceded to write the story with pseudonyms of course. I think I kept at it for a week or so. Not sure where that is now… might need to find it before my nearly teenager finds out what mom was really up to in high school!

I find new apps they are like getting a  pretty new notebook or fancy pen. You think surely I will want to write out all my feelings using this **insert device here*** ! It will be so much easier and inspiring!

What is the truth? Everything requires work and discipline. Nothing truly gets easier. Because when we make one step easier we add another. 

Like remembering to save and post!

So here is to another week of trudging through the work. Following your internal discipline to get whatever done. And remembering to save it all somewhere.


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