the 10 second decision leads to unexpected blessings

Isn’t it amazing when someone steps into your life and shares a thought, belief or encouragement with you at just a perfect time. Yeah that is God talking I am sure.
A friend of mine was reading something called either 10 seconds or 15 seconds – either way it was about those moments when the thought crosses your mind to say something to someone, call them, write a note, whatever – you know those moments. Generally we spend the time following that thought rolling it over and evaluating the possible repercussions or scanning our schedule to see when we can fit that in. And then before we know it the opportunity has passed, we have become involved in something else, and what needed to be shared was not. This book shares the belief that those moments are not just our brain over processing things – they are little nudges from the big man himself. If you are a scientist and want to explain the electrical impulses or thought patterns that these moments might “really” be then I submit that these programming errors were put there on purpose by our heavenly programmer.

I think about these things as I am just in the beginning throes of a very busy week. Today I had a wonderfully sweet lady (who probably always acts on her 10 second thoughts) ask for a hug before she left. From her I received a hug worthy of a mothers hug. She then went on to tell me how great I was doing and all that I was getting done and that I should not feel bad if things slip through the cracks, etc, etc. That was really great to hear


So yeah everybody should like everybody.
Everybody should respect everybody.
And you should give yourself a break when you have worked hard all day at work and at home to provide. Give yourself a break, you are doing wonderful things. Things that God has given you talents to do. So what if your talent is not being Martha Stewart/pinterest perfect. Try a recipe here and there and say “now wasn’t that different and fun” then go back to wieners for dinner – cause hey it works and you can get them fed, bathed and in bed close to on time with that.
You are awesome – cause God made you that way.

Blessings to you!


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