Thinking things through

So last week I guess I did not think much of anything through.

Monday I sat Mel down infront of the fridge while I went searching for one large homemade magnet that had fallen. I discovered a smaller round magnet that had been “lost” under the fridge and brought it out of hiding because you know that would not be a good thing… only here is the not thinking things through part. I replaced the small magnet on the fridge while I continued the eventually successful search for the larger magnet. then I forgot about it and set about the main reason I was in the kitchen anyway – to get dinner ready. You know what is coming don’t you? Yep a short cough cough gag gag and that little magnet was down in my baby’s tummy. I tried making her puke. nothing. I was beside myself. The lovely addition did not “resurface” until Sunday. Ugh.

In the meantime we had our first tee ball practice of the season. big shout to Coach Micah for turning Mere around to where she is excited about this and “coach Micah is counting on me”. Mother in Law’s birthday, pi day, but most importantly my sweet hubby’s birthday. And here I go again…

I am noted for forgeting his birthday. let me clarify I do not forget, I just do not realize that today is the day. It is like I have two halves of my brain. One that holds all the dates in numerical format only and the other that holds the calendar which is generally focused on the day of the week and the numbers of the weekend days. for some reason things don’t always make it on my calendar brain. But I did not forget! I had cards, we had piano recitals and family coming in to take the girls away, yet I still managed to screw with it. I had not signed the cards (we got them like 2 weeks before) so i forgot about them until the day after. I went in to work the day after to do a little bit of work and stayed like 4 hrs – not realizing that his car was at the church and he was stranded. I just came across in many different ways as completely inconsiderate. I really am not. I just don’t always think things through completely.

Well another milestone has come and gone and I goofed – again. maybe, hopefully I will give him a good birthday one day. And I will strive to think through things more. I hope.


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